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Symptoms of Adhesive Capsulitis Los Angeles, CA

Symptoms of Adhesive Capsulitis

Shoulder Pain

Adhesive capsulitis (better known as frozen shoulder) can stem from injury, restricted mobility or a medical condition. For many sufferers, the process of reaching what is commonly described as a frozen shoulder is slow. This is because adhesive capsulitis typically occurs in stages. What seems like a flareup may actually represent the second of three… Read More

Are You in Need of Revision Hip or Knee Replacement?

Doctors Reviewing Charts

Going through a hip or knee replacement surgery is a difficult journey. When you begin to experience problems long after the initial recovery, it may cause feelings of fear and anxiety. While it is true that revision of these surgeries are often complex, the alternative is a much less attractive prospect. A hip or knee… Read More

What to Expect with Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

An athlete with knee sports injury.

Struggling with pain or arthritis in your knees creates a major hindrance in your daily life. Physical therapy and medications or injections can be helpful for short term pain relief. If your symptoms get worse, you may need to consider surgery to improve your quality of life. Robotic knee replacement surgery uses innovative technology to… Read More

Facts About Baker’s Cyst

Knee Pain

Named after the 19th century surgeon who first described the condition, Dr. William Morrant Baker, Baker’s cyst is an accumulation of fluid that forms in the hollow of the knee joint. This is also called a popliteal cyst. It forms a bulge at the back of the knee. For many individuals, the predominant symptom is… Read More

Injections for Knee Pain: Cortisone Shots vs PRP Therapy

A runner holding his injured knee.

Today’s patients who are living with arthritic knee pain have options that were not available years ago. You may have already modified your lifestyle, started exercising or doing physical therapy to help improve flexibility. You may be taking anti-inflammatory over-the-counter medications for pain management. When you want fast, temporary relief from knee osteoarthritis, you may… Read More

Benefits of Robotic vs Traditional Knee Replacement

A person holding their knee in pain.

The first knee joint replacement surgery was performed in the 1960s, and there have been many improvements to the devices and procedures since that historic first surgery. Modern knee replacement surgeries have a very high success rate, but they can still have complications. One of the newest innovations in knee replacement is the use of… Read More

Stem Cell Therapy for Joint Preservation

stem cells

Stem cell therapy is no longer only an experimental treatment, as these incredible cells are used in regenerative medicine treatments every day. Stem cells have the ability to transform to almost any type of tissue in the body, including bone, tendons, blood and many others. For damaged joints, this can offer a safe and effective… Read More

Are You a Candidate for Partial Knee Replacement?

Damaged knee joints requiring total knee replacement surgery.

For many years, total knee replacements were the preferred procedure when replacing a damaged knee joint. However, with new innovations in robotic surgical technology and improved implants, partial knee replacement surgery is becoming more popular among top orthopedic surgeons. If you have knee damage from arthritis and are considering knee replacement surgery, you may be… Read More

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