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Jumper’s Knee (Patellar Tendonitis) Will Continue to Worsen and Should Be Treated Los Angeles, CA

Jumper’s Knee (Patellar Tendonitis) Will Continue to Worsen and Should Be Treated

An athlete with knee sports injury.

Jumper’s knee, medically known as patellar tendonitis, can happen to anyone. However, it is most common among professional athletes that jump a lot, like track, basketball or volleyball players – hence, the name “jumper’s knee.” Yet, it can complicate everyone’s life the same. Whether you have an office job, are an athlete, live an active… Read More

Is Winter Bringing Out the Worst of Your Joint Pains?

Joint Pain

As most sufferers of joint injuries or conditions can attest, pain and discomfort tend to increase during a particular season. For many, the winter months are the worst for flare-ups that are more frequent and severe in nature. If you have noticed that the onset of colder weather comes with pain and debilitation, it is… Read More

Is Inflammation in the Knee Joint Impacting Your Quality of Life?

Damaged knee joints requiring total knee replacement surgery.

If you are the type of person who loves to get out and stay active, knee joint inflammation can make living life to the full difficult. Identifying the cause of your condition is the first step toward finding relief. You may have suffered a tendon, ligament, bone or cartilage injury. Alternatively, a degenerative illness such… Read More

Signs of Hip Dysplasia in Adults

Hip Joint

Hip dysplasia refers to congenital or developmental problems that cause hip instability and dislocation. Although it is often diagnosed in infancy, many people do not receive a proper diagnosis until later in life. Often, adult hip dysplasia is caused by a shallow hip socket. The shallow socket does not keep the top of the thighbone… Read More

Dealing with the Symptoms of Articular Cartilage Defect

A person holding their knee in pain.

Joints are composed, among other things, of bones and cartilage that come together to allow a range of movements. Younger people rarely experience any issues with significant wear and tear. However, as we age, some of the components that support the joints can suffer damage. The articular cartilage is one such substance that performs an… Read More

When a Bad Hip Replacement Causes Overcompensation

Damaged hip joint of an athlete man requiring hip replacement surgery.

When you get a much-needed hip replacement, the expectation is to enjoy a vastly improved range of movement. Unfortunately, for many patients, this is far from the case. Although walking and mobility in general gets better, there are other issues that manifest after surgery. Overcompensation is a familiar symptom that orthopedic surgeons encounter every day.… Read More

The Three Stages of Same-Day Robotic Joint Replacement

A woman running in the park stopped by sudden knee pain.

If you have an injury or illness impacting your knee, hip or shoulder health, there are several approaches that can provide relief. In the first instance, Dr. Farzin Kabaei will seek to use conservative options. Preserving the natural joint is often possible with a comprehensive treatment plan. However, in some cases, the most appropriate solution… Read More

Symptoms of Adhesive Capsulitis

Shoulder Pain

Adhesive capsulitis (better known as frozen shoulder) can stem from injury, restricted mobility or a medical condition. For many sufferers, the process of reaching what is commonly described as a frozen shoulder is slow. This is because adhesive capsulitis typically occurs in stages. What seems like a flareup may actually represent the second of three… Read More

Are You in Need of Revision Hip or Knee Replacement?

Doctors Reviewing Charts

Going through a hip or knee replacement surgery is a difficult journey. When you begin to experience problems long after the initial recovery, it may cause feelings of fear and anxiety. While it is true that revision of these surgeries are often complex, the alternative is a much less attractive prospect. A hip or knee… Read More

What to Expect with Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

An athlete with knee sports injury.

Struggling with pain or arthritis in your knees creates a major hindrance in your daily life. Physical therapy and medications or injections can be helpful for short term pain relief. If your symptoms get worse, you may need to consider surgery to improve your quality of life. Robotic knee replacement surgery uses innovative technology to… Read More

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