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When you have a serious joint injury or condition, it is important to see an orthopedic specialist to determine the best treatment. Whether you suffer from chronic arthritis that has damaged your shoulder, hip or knee joint or you have a sports injury, like runner’s or jumper’s knee, you want to know the best options for treatment. At Robotic Hip and Knee Replacement LA, we offer second opinions for orthopedic surgery and injuries at our medical center in Los Angeles.

Why should you get a second opinion for orthopedic surgery or injuries? Physicians and orthopedic specialists may approach treatment for joint disorders differently. While some surgeons may jump quickly to complete joint replacement surgery for a knee or hip with arthritis, other physicians may recommend joint preservation techniques and treatments. Hearing from more than one physician can give you different options for treatment, including less invasive methods to achieve the desired results.

Los Angeles Hip, Knee and Shoulder Surgery Second Opinions

Have you received a recommendation for hip, knee or shoulder surgery from your physician or orthopedic surgeon? Before you commit to surgery, consider getting a second opinion from Dr. Farzin Kabaei. Dr. Kabaei is one of the top robotic-assisted knee and hip replacement surgeons in the Los Angeles area. He also understands the benefits of using a multi-disciplinary approach to treating joint disorders. Dr. Kabaei will take the time to carefully review your case and offer his expert opinion on the best treatment or surgery options to relieve your pain and improve your mobility.

When determining the best treatment for your knee, hip or shoulder joint condition, make an educated decision with recommendations from more than one physician. Dr. Farzin Kabaei at Robotic Hip and Knee Replacement LA offers second opinions for orthopedic surgery and injuries at our clinic in the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area. Contact our office to schedule a consultation for a second opinion. Call our office or book your appointment online through our contact page.

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