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An orthopedic specialist examining patient's knee.

The patella (kneecap) and femur (thighbone) are intricately connected in how the knee functions. The top of the patella is connected to the quadriceps tendon that pulls it upward to straighten the knee and leg, sliding across the bottom of the femur in the femoral trochlea. When there is a malfunction or injury in this area, it can cause patellofemoral pain and impact knee performance. At Robotic Hip and Knee Replacement LA, we offer patellofemoral pain syndrome treatment at our orthopedic clinic in Los Angeles.

What is Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome?

Patellofemoral pain syndrome is not one condition, but it is a description of a type of anterior knee pain. There are multiple issues that can cause patellofemoral pain located in the connection between the patella and femur. The patella slides up through the femoral trochlea, a groove in the end of the femur that keeps the patella centered while moving. This interaction functions smoothly due to articular cartilage on the femur and underside of the patella. Pain can occur when the patella becomes misaligned or the cartilage is damaged, resulting in patellofemoral pain syndrome.

Typically, patellofemoral pain syndrome treatments are conservative, non-surgical therapies. The first step is determining the cause of the pain and the best treatment to relieve irritation between the patella, femur and surrounding tissues. Common causes of patellofemoral pain include repetitive stress from jogging, downhill running or other sports. Misalignment of the patella from anatomical abnormalities can also contribute to wear on the patella cartilage and irritation of the knee joint.

Patellofemoral pain syndrome treatment can relieve knee pain and reduce deterioration of the knee joint. If you have patellofemoral pain syndrome, contact us at Robotic Hip and Knee Replacement LA. We can schedule a consultation and exam with Dr. Farzin Kabaei, our orthopedic surgeon and knee specialist, at our medical center in Beverly Hills.

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