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A woman feeling hip pain while trying to get up from the bed.

The ball-and-socket design of the hip joint requires the ball (femur head) to fit correctly into the socket (acetabulum) for fluid leg movement. When the pelvic socket is too small, the top of the thighbone can slip out, causing a hip dislocation. Hip dysplasia is a condition that involves a smaller hip socket that can cause hip pain and functional issues. At Robotic Hip and Knee Replacement LA, we offer the diagnosis of and treatment for hip dysplasia at our orthopedic clinic in Los Angeles.

What is Hip Dysplasia?

Hip dysplasia is a congenital or developmental issue that involves an acetabulum that does not fully cover the femur head within the hip joint. This results in a partial or complete dislocation of the hip, which can cause limping, hip pain and other types of dysfunction. In most cases, infants are born with this condition. It can be linked to genetics or a deformity that occurred during development within the womb. Hip dysplasia is often referred to as developmental dysplasia of the hip, or DDH.

Infant and Child DDH

For moderate to severe DDH, diagnosis is usually made in infants. This condition is fairly common, with about 15% of children born with some type of hip instability. In children, DDH can be treated with the use of a brace or harness that can stabilize the joint and allow the bone to fully develop, preventing further complications. In some cases, surgery may be recommended to repair the joint or perform an open reduction.

Adolescent/Adult Treatment for Hip Dysplasia

Adolescents and adults with hip dysplasia can have a variety of issues caused by their hip formation. They may experience hip pain, limping and premature joint deterioration. Treatment can include conservative therapies to reduce pain, such as anti-inflammatory medications or injections, and physical therapy. Surgery may be recommended to reduce wear on the joint by performing joint preservation procedures.

It is important for both children and adults to receive an accurate diagnosis of hip dysplasia as early as possible to receive the right treatment. Dr. Farzin Kabaei is a hip specialist who can diagnose and treat hip dysplasia or DDH. Contact our orthopedic practice in Beverly Hills to schedule a hip consultation with Dr. Kabaei.

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