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Nancy A.

Dr. kabaei is a true gem! I took my 75 year old father to see him for an arm injury. Not only was he so knowledgeable and helpful about my dads arm but he was also gentle and caring. He gave us his cell phone number in case we had any other concerns. He's more than just a doctor, he takes care of you like family. I highly highly recommend Dr. Kabaei!

Susan K.

Dr. Kabaei operated on my mother a few weeks ago. He treats her like she is the most important person on earth. He is caring beyond expectations. A surgeon you want when you need one. Thanks Dr. Kabaei. P.S Camille rocks also.

Ethan R.

Dr. Kabaei is an excellent orthopedic surgeon. His bedside manner is unmatched - he treats you like family. I couldn't be happier with my experience at DOCS.

Shervin N.

Dr. Kabaei is a saint! I had severe knee pain and he assisted me better than any doctor I have ever been to. He is punctual and very caring.

Mrs McKM

Dr. Kabaei was my surgeon after a traumatic ankle fracture when 21 weeks pregnant in April 2020. I’m incredibly grateful to him for the excellent care from the moment he was assigned as my surgeon by cedars through all the post operative care. He listened to my concerns, thoroughly explained each step and helped tailor my recovery to get me on my feet as safely and quickly as possible before baby arrived! I would highly recommend him as a skilled surgeon that truly cares about the wellbeing of his patients.

Sal J.

Just perfect.

Arshia N.

My mom fell and broke her femur. She needed emergency surgery in the middle of the pandemic. I contacted Dr. Kabaei and he completely put me and my family at ease. His tone and demeanor is so calming. From the very first phone call, I immediately knew I would not want anyone else operating on my mom. He was so accessible. Knowing that the family could not be by my moms side in the hospital, he assured us that he would take care of her as if she was his own mother. He consistently texted and called us to give us up to the minute updates. To be honest, we had the option to have the surgery be done by the chairman of Orthopedic Surgery at Cedar Sinai and opted to go with go with Dr. Kabaei and it has been the best decision ever. My mom was walking the with her walker the day after surgery. Went home 2 days after surgery. Three weeks after surgery she began transition from walker to cane... a work in progress. It has been a tough road. But Dr. Kabaei has been there every inch of the way. My family and I are so incredibly grateful and thankful for him.

Jay S.

Dr. Kabaei took excellent care of me. I had a torn meniscus and sought three opinions. Dr. Kabaei took his time examining me, reading my X-ray and MRI, and discussing in detail the plan of care. Unlike most surgeons who are quick to use the knife, he recommended monitoring it with physical therapy and conservative management. Several months later, I am symptom free and so happy I did not jump to have arthroscopy. He is a kind and intelligent physician. Several great orthopedic surgeons in LA and he's one of the best.

Carolyn K.

Best doctor ever. He is so kind patient experienced and knowledgeable. He treats his patients like family and is so caring. Thank you for everything Dr Kabaei.

Chris B.

I highly recommend Dr. Kabaei. I can't say enough about how much he helped my wife with her injury. He took the time to explain things thoroughly and is always checking in and making sure she is ok. You can tell he really cares about his patients.

Denise K.

After having seen a boatload of doctors for my lis franc fracture, I can honestly say I can not recommend anyone more than Dr. Kabaei. He is one of the most knowledgeable, kind, approachable and patient doctors I've seen. He took his time explaining my options and came up with an amazing course of action. I feel 1000000 times better and cannot thank him and his staff enough for the great care. A true gem.

David Y.

I have torn my ACL 2 times and my Achilles once. I had HMO insurance so I didn't have the opportunity to chose my physician. During this time Dr. Kabaei was an ear I would bend ( at all hours) as he is that type of Doctor whom actually cares (regardless if your are his patient or not)! I highly recommend him! He's one of the good ones!

Nancy T.

Dr. kabaei is a true gem! I took my 75 year old father to see him for an arm injury. Not only was he so knowledgeable and helpful about my dads arm but he was also gentle and caring. He gave us his cell phone number in case we had any other concerns. He's more than just a doctor, he takes care of you like family. I highly highly recommend Dr. Kabaei!

Reza S.

First visit with Dr. Kabaei and, man, am I impressed. On time, friendly, informative, highly knowledgable, incredible bedside manner, empathetic, took his time...I could go on and on! A rare treat in this day and age! Highly recommend!

Lori D.

Up until my surgery with DR. Kabei the pain in my hip radically increased 7 months prior. A friend recommended me to him. I could appreciate his straight forwardness and professionalism. He did, the more difficult, Anterior Hip Replacement on 12/16/19. He was on time and I left the hospital that evening. He encouraged me to, and I was, up and walking that same evening. He layed out the process start to finish and everything happened as he said it would. He made this so simple and effective! I walked without a cane within 3 weeks. Thank you Doctor Kabei, anyone who wants someone as professional and kind should see you.

Bri F.

Dr. Kabaei is amazing! Even though we first met through a virtual consultation, I was able to form a great connection with him and I really felt like he cared to not only help me, but to get to know me. The unmatched and outstanding patient care continued even after the consultation, as Dr. Kabaei continued to be attentive, caring, and extremely knowledgeable. I always get very nervous going to doctors appointments, but I had such a positive experience with him and all my worries went away as soon as he stepped into the room. I would highly recommend Dr. Kabaei to everyone I know!!! Best doctor!

Sahm M.

I took my father to see Dr. Kabaei for a chronic knee problem. We figured that he had some sort of tear from years back. Dr. Kabaei didn't make us wait in the waiting room at all and his staff was so friendly. More importantly, Dr. Kabaei asked important questions and after a short exam felt that my dad had a torn ACL and maybe his meniscus. He recommended and prescribed an MRI that revealed he was 100% right. We're hoping that the recommended PT will prevent surgery. If it doesn't, we trust Dr. Kabaei to do a great job. Thx doc.

Benny M.

I had a ski accident and ended up being diagnosed with a tibial plauteu fracture. Dr Kabaei saw me in the ER late at night, was very thorough with explaining everything, and completed the surgery without any issues. My recovery is going super smooth and I owe it all to Dr K. Thanks!

David M.

I took my grandmother to see Dr. Kabaei after she suffered a hip fracture. We consulted with him as well as a few other top orthopedic surgeons in Los Angeles (won't mention names but as an Anesthesiologist I know who's who in the ortho world). We felt Dr Kabaei was the best with the way he explained everything to us and how much time he spent with us. Fast forward to the post operative period, My grandmother has done amazingly well without any complications whatsoever. We are extremely happy with the results and even more happy that we chose doctor Kabaei. I also mountain bike and know that if I were to ever get injured, without a doubt I would go to Dr. Kabaei. I recommend him without reservation.

Goose S.

If I could give Dr. Kabaei a 10 star review I would. He came highly recommended by a dear friend (one of the best ortho surgeons in the world, who taught Dr. K, but isn't covered under my insurance) so I already knew he was a top notch surgeon before we met. I am not a huge fan of surgery so I avoided it like the plague. Tried many holistic therapies, to no avail. By the time I got to Dr. Kabaei's office I was in pain daily and trying to pretend that I could walk normally. Dr. Kabaei made the whole experience comfortable, never rushed, and since we have a similar sense of humor, the experience was actually fun overall. (Yes, minus those few post-op weeks). He heard my requests, ie to use 1/2 the anesthesia, evaluated them with me in a non-arrogant manner, and made adjustments where possible. In a few pre-op appointments, Dr. Kabaei took the time to take me through every detail of the process. He debunked the concerning input I received from friends, explaining in some detail why it wasn't true. His approach is not the outdated posterior approach but instead the anterior approach which allows for a much easier recovery. My favorite part about him is that he's an ass kicker, in the nicest of ways. He gets you up walking the day of surgery. He says stuff like "don't put all your weight on the walker, just your fingertips" and "you won't need the walker or cane at all in 5 days" all in a very encouraging, kind, you-can-do-it kind of way. As a big believer in the creative power of the mind, I very much appreciated Dr. K's can-do attitude. He prepares you for a very successful surgery and recovery experience..but, full disclosure, I did put all my weight on the walker for a few days. Just a few. Ditched the walker in about 3 days and the cane about 5 days later. I was shocked at my daily progress. Five months later and i've forgotten I had surgery. I'm back to doing everything I did (and more) before I started experiencing hip pain and limited mobility over a year ago. Overall I didn't expect anything beyond a highly skilled surgeon and what I got was an amazing, caring human being who made me laugh. I was very well taken care of by him and his wonderful staff. Couldn't have asked for more. I highly recommend Dr. Kabaei to my family, friends and to you as well.

Melissa B.

I just love this doctor, this review is long over due! He is so kind and makes you feel super comfortable, even when you have a broken bone (or in my case, a few)! A few years ago, I got a wrist fracture from a snowboarding accident and found out later after x-rays that I had completely shattered my knee. Not only was Dr. Kabaei able to put me back together, I was able to get back on the slopes this year. Don't worry, I learned my lesson and wore knee and wrist guards this time. It was a long recovery after surgery, but he was there with me every step of the way. He is the best. Don't hesitate to give his office a call!

Maryam Y.

Dr. Kabaei was wonderful! I've been in pain for a while now and I'm so glad I went to him. The office staff was very welcoming and accommodating. From waiting room to exam room, there was very little wait time to see the Doctor. He spent so much time listening to my issue and explaining the treatment plan in detail. His bedside manner was very professional and warm. I am already feeling better and I recommend him 100%!

Kimberly N.

Dr. Kabaei is amazing! He met with me for my carol tunnel and was able to discuss with me all of my options and introduced me to a hand surgeon who was able to diagnose me correctly. His staff are so friendly and they are quick to respond! Great surgeon!

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