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A person suffering pain due to hip bursitis.

The hip joint contains large bones that must be able to move smoothly without damaging the surrounding soft tissues. The hip bursae are fluid-filled sacs that provide cushion between protruding bones in the hip and soft tissues. There are two hip bursae, and if either of these jelly-like sacs become irritated, they can become inflamed, causing bursitis. At Robotic Hip and Knee Replacement LA, we offer hip bursitis treatment at our orthopedic clinic in Los Angles.

Causes and Symptoms of Hip Bursitis

The two bursae in the hip are located on the outside and inside of the hip joint. The outside hip bursa is between the pointy bone, the trochanter, and the soft tissue covering the hip joint. The inside bursa is in the groin area, referred to as the iliopsoas bursa.

Hip bursitis is caused by irritation to the bursa on the inside or outside of the hip. Trochanteric bursitis on the outside is the most common, but both are referred to as hip bursitis. Injuries, bone spurs, anatomical abnormalities and other irritants to the bursa can cause bursitis. Symptoms of hip bursitis may begin with sharper pains in the hip area. It may be painful to lay on the affected side when going to sleep. The pain can become a deep ache over time, but spread to a larger area, including the thigh, down to the knee.

Hip bursitis treatment is usually minimally-invasive. Physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medications are beneficial; a steroid injection can also offer hip pain relief. However, there may be underlying causes of hip bursitis that require treatment, including bone spurs or rheumatoid arthritis.

If you have hip pain caused by hip bursitis, treatment is available at Robotic Hip and Knee Replacement LA. Contact our clinic in Beverly Hills to schedule a consultation with our hip joint specialist, Dr. Farzin Kabaei, to explore treatment options to relieve your hip pain.

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