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A runner woman with pain in lower back and hip area.

A hip fracture can include either of the two large bones that are within the hip joint – the femur (thighbone) and acetabulum (pelvic socket). In either case, the hip joint will not function correctly until treatment for the hip fracture is completed. At Robotic Hip and Knee Replacement LA, our hip specialist and orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Farzin Kabaei, offers treatment for hip fractures of all types at our medical center in Los Angeles.

Acetabulum Fractures

The “socket” of the hip joint is the acetabulum, part of the pelvic bone. Acetabulum fractures are less common than femur fractures, but they are usually very serious when they occur. An acetabulum fracture is usually caused by the femur (thighbone) driving forcefully against the pelvic bone. A vehicle accident or a fall from height can create enough force to fracture the acetabulum. In most cases, these types of hip fractures require surgery to repair the hip joint.

Femur Fractures

When most people “break their hip,” it means they have an upper femur fracture. While anyone can sustain a hip fracture due to trauma or impact to the hip, it is more common in elderly adults. Weakened femur bones from osteoporosis and other degenerative disease are prone to fractures. A simple fall can cause a femur fracture or broken hip in an elderly person.

When a hip fracture occurs, there is pain, bruising and swelling, as well as loss of leg function. Surgery is almost always required for a hip fracture, and a complete hip replacement may be needed in severe cases. Patients with a broken hip can expect surgery followed by physical therapy and rehabilitation to regain their mobility.

If you have suffered a hip fracture, it is important to receive treatment from a hip specialist for the best results. Contact us at Robotic Hip and Knee Replacement LA in Beverly Hills to schedule an appointment. Dr. Kabaei is a top Los Angeles orthopedic surgeon who specializes in treating hip disorders and injuries.

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