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Robotic Hip and Knee Replacement in Brentwood Los Angeles, CA

Living with constant joint pain can significantly impact your quality of life. It can stop you from enjoying the things you love and spending time with family and friends. Mako™ Robotic Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery can help relieve pain and improve function so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

As a board-certified orthopedic surgeon in Brentwood, Dr. Farzin Kabaei has extensive experience with Mako robotic hip and knee replacement surgery. Hundreds of patients have seen significant improvement with personalized treatment plans for orthopedic trauma and complex joint issues. At his new state-of-the-art medical clinic opening in Brentwood, you can receive convenient same-day treatment for your chronic hip and knee pain.

What Is Mako Robotic Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery?

With the Mako Robotic system, a personalized surgical plan is developed based on CT scans. The specialized software creates a 3D model of your knee or hip. The orthopedic surgeon uses this model to evaluate the bone structure, joint alignment and surrounding tissues. This can help determine the best size and placement for an implant. During the outpatient procedure, the surgeon uses a robotic arm to remove damaged bone and cartilage and position the prosthetic joint. Preset boundaries help ensure accurate placement and positioning of the new joint to help reduce trauma to the surrounding tissue.

After the procedure, patients begin a physical therapy program to boost their range of motion and flexibility. Patients may be able to return to normal activities in approximately six weeks after the procedure. The orthopedic surgeon will give you specific instructions to follow during your recovery in your Brentwood home to achieve optimal results.

Learn More About Mako Robotic Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery

If you have been struggling with chronic hip or knee pain in Brentwood, a consultation with an orthopedic surgeon can be helpful. During your appointment, Dr. Kabaei can explain the benefits and risks of robotic hip and knee replacement surgery. If you are an ideal candidate, Dr. Kabaei can recommend a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve optimal health and well-being. Contact Dr. Kabaei in Brentwood, CA, to schedule a consultation today.

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